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Check it out: Naked Ladies!

Fauvism/Demoiselles D’Avignon/Braque/I fucking love that blue enamel!

MOAR TO COME! Because I seem to have been painting a lot more recently.

I also:

-went to the doctor
-found a therapist
-dealt with some bullshit
-did grown up stuff


“Magnificent Bastards”

Mid-May, 2009

This will be a bit rambling.

When I was a wee little freshman, there was someone in the campus LGBTQ org whom no one really liked, who would come to meetings and point out everything that was being done wrong. Artmajor, who avoids use of pronouns, had been at the University for a few years, and had history with a lot of people. Calls self a ‘magnificent bastard’ and makes a point of being as non-mainstream, non-normative, non-gender as possible. And has, for all four years I’ve been involved with this organization, been pointing out what was going wrong. For the past year I’ve been President, I’ve tended to agree with on political and structural issues, mostly. (I think I’m a bit more patient with the closed-minded anti-kink and anti-queer people).

Fast forward to this past week. Two things have happened, one of which has somewhat redirected my life. One, I made a deal with someone to perform queertastic fuckshituppery in his name, in return for a little help with things I have a lot of trouble with, like public speaking (see this post). Two, the organization held elections for next year’s officers and all the places were filled, which meant I didn’t need to run for anything.

So the new plan is: being the only two out trannies in the org, DDog and I are going to be playing that same role — the people who just won’t quit, coming in and complaining about how the younguns are repeating past mistakes. It does, in fact, take two of us to make up the awesome that is Artmajor. DDog has the theory, and now I have the voice 😀