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That breakfast sammich looks pretty good…

A commenter on Womanist Musingsarticle about This Is Why You’re Fat had the following to say:

“The idea that fat = extremely unhealthy eating is just wrong, and far to prevalent. It promotes the fatphobic myths that all fat people are unhealthy, that being fat is a “choice” and a personal failing, not to mention that there’s something inherently wrong with being fat.”

Sounds oddly familiar. Hmm…

Inherently, no. Yes, there are health risks associated with being overweight (sleep apnea comes readily to mind, although I’m sure there are more). And sure, some people could have prevented their weight gain. But, geh. Replace ‘fat’ in that quote with ‘gay’ or ‘trans’ or ‘poor’ … I heard something about once, that all oppressed people should band together and make it stop (the lot of us together will outnumber TEH MAN!). There’s a common uniting thread somewhere

Society is ridiculous. I was 5’6″ and 143lb in high school and that was apparently 20lb overweight. I’m still 5’6″ and probably weigh less now — because it’s fat instead of muscle (since I’m no longer in martial arts classes three and four times a week). Ironically, I am now likely less ‘healthy’ than I was when I was ‘overweight’. LOLmodernmedicine. I can’t even imagine what the doctor would have said if I was AUGH GAWD 165.

On a lighter note, this is freakin adorable. <3. Also, this.